YPFDJ Europe Presents Biddho Tour 2017, Stockholm

Biddho Tour is coming to Europe for the 10th time in a row!
10 years of promoting Eritrean culture and diversity amongst youth!
10 years of serving a platform for youth to interact with Eritreans!
10 years of vibrant and electrifying nights with the beats of Eritrean music!
Biddho Tour, now in its 10 year anniversary, will be held in metropolis cities across Europe.
Come by, dance and have fun!

YPFDJ Euro Biddho Tour 10 (2017)


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Unwarranted Sanctions on Eritrea must be rescinded

UN Unjust Sanctions on Eritrea

It is almost 8 years since sanctions [on #Eritrea].. Virtually all member states acknowledge accusations are hollow Continue reading

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Globalization of Conflict Resolution


globalized world we live in has brought change in world politics, security has become an even more collective matter Continue reading

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Resolution YPFDJ Sweden Wide Conference

Eritrean Youth Group YPFDJ Logo

YPFDJ #Sweden held its conference between 27-29 Oct 2017 under theme of Building Professional and Conscious Youth Continue reading

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Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Protests in Asmara


[#Eritrea] Avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place & exercise caution when in vicinity of large #protest Continue reading

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Is “Marshall Plan for Africa” a solution?

Is “Marshall Plan for Africa” a solution?

With a net annual deficit of $41.3 bil., it is time to rethink the terms of trade.. theft of #Africa*ns’ wealth Continue reading

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Social Justice: The Foundation and Fundamental Law of Eritrea

Social Justice: The Foundation and Fundamental Law of Eritrea

#Eritrea has capital deficiency. However, this deficiency has been compensated by the commitment to #SocialJustice Continue reading

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Unity: The Foundation of Eritrea’s National Security

eritrea collage

The hands that hold Kalashnikovs and instruments of production in defense and development of Eritrea are far better than the lips that recite a prayer authored by westerners. Continue reading

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[Video] Address By Eritrea’s Foreign Affairs Minister To The 72nd Session Of The UN General Assembly


..But talk of “fastest growing” #Africa*n economies is misplaced & premature. We should not flatter ourselves… Continue reading

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Eritrea’s Finest Immunization Investment Aiding Generations

Immunization of Eritrean Children

[#Eritrea] early 1990s vaccination rates provided for less than a year age children were limited < 10%, today’s 98% Continue reading

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