Eritrean Actress Yodit Gebreab

By: B. Kiflai

Yodit Gebreab gave a brilliant performance in the Off-Broadway show “I’ll cry after the laughter.”

The show is about Lonnie Spector, a young actress played by Ms. Gebreab, being exploited by her mom while pursuing her dream of being a famous actress. With so many obstacles to overcome, the buoyant Lonnie was determined to make it big without following the footsteps of her mother and degrading herself just to be used as a “convenient extra” for other actors.

Lonnie desperately wanted to find refuge in a man that could shelter her from vulnerabilities that she incurred from the death of her father coupled with the years of neglect from her mother. To her delight, she found love in a famous actor whom she looked up to. Unfortunately, with the cruel reality of show business working against the both of them, it was too much for Lonnie to bear and she tragically took her own life.

Yodit played the role of Lonnie superbly and I am happy to have had the chance of witnessing her performance for myself! I am very proud of our dear friend and will gladly show her more support as she continues her acting career.

As per our YPFDJ responsibilities, it is critical that we serve The Eritrean Community (i.e. support each other!) whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

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One thought on “Eritrean Actress Yodit Gebreab

  1. Susan Gebreab

    Beautiful article. Thanks for supporting my sister!

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