Help Salem’s Family

By: T. Solomon

Btsayti Salem Amanuel has been a great friend to all those who know her. Some of us don’t remember where we met or how old we were, some have just gotten to know her in the last two years at George Washington University or at the annual YPFDJ conference or other YPFDJ events.

Despite the length of time people have known Salem, everyone can see the type of personality that shines through her. She is strong, loving, kind, sensitive, curious, and involved. She loves to be with friends and family and surrounds herself with positivity all the time. She only strives for the top and refuses to settle for anything less than what she knows she deserves.

She loves God & is always preaching or talking about Him somehow.

Since graduating from GW in May 2010, Salem has ventured into the real world challenging herself for rare opportunities and work experiences in the DC Area She was determined to find something that would work for her future and the benefit of her family. That’s all she ever talked about was helping her mom and dad. She finally moved back to Boston recently just a few months ago and celebrated her new job offer at the Children’s Hospital. She was supposed to start the job on Monday after her accident.

She was so excited to start work and so grateful for all the people who believed in her and encouraged her on the way.

This proud, young Eritrean woman was struck by a vehicle on Saturday June 18th. Until now, she is hospitalized at Boston Medical Hospital with multiple injuries. Friends of Salem’s from all over the US have reached out with messages of support and prayers for her recovery.

The Eritrean Community in Boston as well as Eritreans that Salem knows all over the states have been eagerly waiting for her recovery and her family has remained very strong through her tragic accident.

As many people are interested in reaching out and supporting her and her family during this time, the instructions below will allow you to make a financial contribution to her family online (through paypal) or you can write a check payable to Amanuel Ahferom (her father) and mail it to: 247 Garden St #8 Cambridge, MA 02138

To send donations through (instructions below)

If you do not have a paypal account
log on to
select Personal at the top of the page (you should see ‘home, personal, business, developers’)
select ‘send money’
I’m paying someone in: United States
Enter the amount you wish to donate in US dollar currency
My payment is for: friends and family (there will be a small fee)
FROM: enter your email address

You have the choice of paying by credit/debit card

If you have a paypal account
Log into your account
select ‘send money’
enter amount in US dollars
select the personal option
select the money is being sent as a: gift
and send money

Thank you and God bless.

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