EriAm Sisters about to shine on the international stage.

By M. Seium

The EriAm sisters have recently released their hit re-make song “I want you back” by the legendary Michael Jackson from their “America is got talent” performance. As most of the world knows that song got them to the final round of the NBC-TV hit network show. The girls and their team have also been going on a campaign to let the world know that they are a force to be reckoned with. Haben, Salina and Lianda made a tour this summer to their land of origin, Eritrea, East Africa where they have performed for hundreds of thousands people throughout the country and on Television.

Previously the sisters mostly toured throughout the USA in community sponsored events as well as parades, Sports events where they would perform the national anthem of the USA, the star spangled banner. Recently during a huge event in New York city the EriAm sisters were not able to attend and sent a video message to the more than 5,000 Eritreans and friends that gathered to meet and greet their President his excellency Isias Afewerki and a delegation of the Eritrean government. It is to be recalled that the EriAm sisters spent some time with the president and the people of Eritrea during their tour to this beautiful country that they hail from the past two summers. The girls who are multi-lingual performed the Eritrean national anthem on video for the historic event that took place right in the middle of Manhattan, New York.

The revival of the song “I want you back” by one of the greatest artists in the world also serves as a reminder that Michael Jackson has influenced so many lives and the EriAm sisters as a young and growing talent are playing a big role in maintaining the legacy of what this legend has done for the music world. EriAM stands for Eritrean American and the girls whose passion for both their adopted home of the USA and their land of origin should serve as a bridging gap that through music and culture, the world can be a better place. Meanwhile please click on the you tube link below to see their recent photo shoot that took place during the weekend of September 25th, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. The links is as follows,

For more on the EriAm sisters just click on their website at

Michael Seium

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