MSSD Diversity Club Hosts Talent Show

Wegahta Aresei


One of the fastest growing clubs at MSSD is the Diversity Club, newly established this academic year. The Diversity Club is an organization committed to helping spread knowledge and understanding of different cultures, both at MSSD and throughout the world. Diversity Clubs are being established at schools around the country, and they are very popular mediums for helping students share and express individual cultures and backgrounds.

Diversity Clubs are also known for their involvement in community service, and the MSSD Diversity Club plans to honor this commitment by volunteering for different community activities. Diversity Club President Wegahta Aresei, a senior born in Eritrea explains the purpose of the Diversity Club, “We want to spread knowledge about diversity and we want to give everyone a chance to express themselves.”

For their first formal event as an organization, the Diversity Club hosted a talent show on March 26 that displayed the many talents and cultures of MSSD students. Students performed a variety of acts to showcase their individual cultures such as signed poems, ASL songs and storytelling. There were also a number of exciting dances at the two hour event, including salsa, hip-hop, Eritrean, battle, and Hawaiian dances. The talent show provided a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves in regards to the culture they come from and for their classmates to learn more about other cultures.

Aresei is very excited about how the event turned out and how well it was regarded by the MSSD community. She knew the talent show would be well received because community members had been asking her about the show for several days and shared their eagerness to watch it. The weeks of hard work that members of the club put into getting the event together paid off. After the show, Aresei said, “It was a fun way for us to showcase our cultures and express ourselves. The performers felt good about their performance, because the comments we’ve gotten have been so positive.”

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The Talent Show is just one of many exciting events the Diversity Club is planning to host and participate in as the organization grows. Some of those events, according to Aresei, include “inviting guest speakers to give workshops on different topics, students talking about different cultures and where they are from, and panel discussions on various topics.” The Clerc Center community looks forward to attending these events!

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