Hisbawi Mekete Seminar in Vancouver B.C has concluded successfully

Hisbawi (Hizbawi) Mekete in British Columbia, YPFDJ


By YPFDJ-British Columbia & the ECC

YPFDJ-British Columbia & the Eritrean Cultural Center was hosted by Dr. Ghidewon on Sunday November, 13th in Vancouver B.C. The Hisbawi Mekete led by Dr. Ghidewon was centered on the topic (Meketenan Etihbru Enaqeyayere ZmeS’zeloteSab’on). This event, which was open to all Eritreans, was intended to promote focus on the people as whole and to also raise awareness regardless of background.

Dr. Ghidewon then discussed a campaign of various forms of misinformation that is being waged against our country, he also discussed the goals and targets of those waging it. Dr. Ghidewon also conversed about the so-called drought crisis in Eritrea that did not even exist.

  • By Johnny Carson, Susan Rice, etc false claims of drought.

Various things were went over in the Hisbawi Mekete in Vancouver B.C. and all of the discussions were very fruitful.

A few assertions about the supposed drought in Eritrea and evidence that proves otherwise

  • Video “Green Eritrea” 2011
  • winter in Eritrea greener then ever
  • drip irrigation during the rainy seasons to feed the people
  • Susann Rice spoke about a drought in 2011 in the horn of Africa, we see pictures of the rainy season and evidence of no drought
  • 3 times a year a harvest
  • solar pump in diga drko for irrigation
  • diga warsai – water level is rising

Favorite quote of the seminar which is very true…

“without a country we are ‘a homeless democracy’”

Once the session was over YPFDJ B.C chapter got a chance to show the Who? Why? What and Where of YPFDJ? Brief introductory video clips were presented. Once the YPFDJ presentation concluded, the chapter informed the public about it’s home focused project which is the the biggest task for YPFDJ-BC to accomplished. Then the stage was then passed to Dr. Ghidewon for the Q&A session.

The seminar concluded with great reflections from the Q&A session. The Q&A session ended with enthusiasm. The attendees reaffirmed their determined commitment to defend our country, people and government. November, 13, 2011 has become one of the greatest days for our community in Greater Vancouver because we had a very successful Hisbawi mekete.

In addition, Eritrea became champions in the seventh African Continental Cycling Championship; Eritrean racers Natnael Berhane and Tesfay Abraha took two gold and two silver medals from the elite title and U23 in the championship. I know that we Eritreans are born to be winners, may god/allah bless our nation, our government and people.

Eritrea winning gold at home in Asmara at the cycling competition was a nice way to end 2011 and open up the New Year 2012.

“We indisputably support the Eritrean Government”!

“There is no force that can break the unity of our people”!

“Eritrean Independence is permanent”!

“Awet nHafash”!


YPFDJ British Columbia Chapter

YPFDJ Goal and Purpose

  • Our goal is to build a strong, conscious and patriotic youth movement.

Our purpose is:

  • To raise the awareness and level of organisation of Eritrean youth to serve our nation
  • To reassert the identity, patriotism and unity of Eritrean youth
  • To promote the participation of Eritrean Youth in the national reconstruction of Eritrea as well as guarding the sovereignty of Eritrea
  • To enhance the position and influence of Eritrean Youth in their respective countries of residence.
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