Chinese Firms Won US$100 million Eritrea Machinery Equipment Bid – (VIDEO)

LiuGong Machinery in Eritrea (Thumbnail) CLICK TO ENLARGE


Chinese leading and world’s 21st ranked construction equipment manufacturer LiuGong has won an order for a total of 1000 machines including construction machines, firefight trucks, big and small lorries, trucks, tankers, concrete pump trucks, excavators, graders, bulldozers, rollers, tractors, forklifters etc… worth hundreds of millions of dollars. [see video below]

Eritrea is located in the horn of Africa on the Red Sea.

In June, LiuGong partnered with the China Shanghai (Group) Corporation for Foreign Economic & Technological Cooperation (CHINA SFECO GROUP) to bid on the contracts, and won the largest contract of the 18 offers in the package.

Sinotruk, Chinese leading truck manufacturer, on its website announced the successful delivery of 494 heavy trucks and 35 trailers to Eritrea in that same day. It also said that it is the first time for Sinotruk to export trucks to Eritrea.

The machines will be used by the state of Eritrea to meet its construction need in the mining, port and infrastructure projects needed in the country.

The government leaders of Eritrea are very impressed by Chinese equipment, and decided to purchase machines from a Chinese manufacturer. The LiuGong brand was recognized in overseas markets by government officials, and laid the foundation for closing the deal.

LiuGong invited Mr.Tseggai Tesfazion, Ambassador for the State of Eritrea to visit LiuGong headquarters to learn about LiuGong’s full product lines, tour manufacturing plants, and learn about machine quality. The visit was led by reception hosted by LiuGong’s Chairman Wang Xiaohua.

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