YPFDJ California Winter Storm 2011

By YPFDJ-Bay Area, http://www.calistorm2011.com

Oakland: “Kuffiya/3mamet.”

Many Eritrean freedom fighters would frequently wear “head-wraps” called “kuffiya(koof-i-yah)’s” in Arabic which are also known as “ ‘imamet” in Tigrinya. The reason for this was to show solidarity with other anti-colonial movements across the Third World and most specifically with the right to self-determination of the people of Palestine. Unfortunately, today many only recognize this scarf as a fashionable accessory that can be found at urban clothing stores and thus this symbol of struggle has mostly lost its meaning in today’s popular youth culture.

This party will be featuring Biniam Tensaew & Eclectic Dance, Hip-Hop, 90′s, Arabic and European.

YPFDJ Oakland Winter Storm




Los Angeles: “Shidah.”

This shoe is a trademark of the Eritrean Revolution. Many do not know that these shoes were also symbolic of our movement’s resourcefulness as they were made from melted down rubber materials obtained from the enemy. Not only was this a symbol of our inventiveness, but they were also a symbol of our revolution’s progressiveness. Today in Eritrea, young Eritreans have reclaimed this tradition and wear these shoes in various colors and styles.

Shidah: Celebrate progress…

YPFDJ Winter Storm Los Angeles




San Diego: “Netsela.”

Before young Eritreans would make the life-changing decision to leave their home and fight for liberation, they would take a “netsela” or bed-sheet and tie it in a braid in preparation for martyrdom at the front. This unique consciousness and ideology of young Eritreans during the armed struggle was likely the decisive factor in achieving victory while still being outnumbered, outgunned and outfinanced.

Netsela. Celebrate sacrifice…

YPFDJ San Diego Winter Storm

YPFDJ Winter Storm Thumbnail

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