What is Project Orotta?

Project Orotta, Eritrea

By Project Orotta, http://www.projectorotta.org

Project Orotta, is a group of like-minded individuals who saw a need, at a new educational facility, and have taken up the call to produce the needed educational tools necessary for productive learning. After, having discussed with the leadership of the institution and evaluating its progress, we realize that in order to help alleviate some of the medical issues stressing the country, more doctors are needed. Orotta Medical and Dental Schools are steps in the right direction. The Medical and Dental Schools are devoted to providing quality education to Eritrea’s future Doctors and Dentists.

Project Orotta is one way in which we can help these future Doctors and Dentists meet the growing demand for quality healthcare in the country and we have made it our mission to give them a head start by providing them with the quality new technology that many in the Diaspora enjoy. It is by equipping these bright minds with the best technology and education that we can help eliminate some of the most basic of health difficulties throughout Eritrea.

This is not motivated by any such politics or attachments to any organizations, simply a project to address a need for more doctors in the land. We ask Everyone from every corner of the world, who is interested in the health and medical development in Eritrea to reach out, ask a question, or leave us a message in order to learn more about the project.

“Men who are occupied in the restoration of health to other men, by the joint exertion of skill and humanity, are above all the great of the earth. They even partake of divinity, since to preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create” – Voltaire (1694-1778) French writer and historian.

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