Mid-West Hzbawi Mekete Conference Conducted in Chicago – 12/17/2011

By Fiseha Weldemichael, Saint Louis`

Summary Report of the Conference

Eritrean patriots representing mid-west chapters of Hzbawi Mekete conducted a successful conference held in Chicago on Dec 17, 2011. Judging by its patriotic content and novel strategy, its impact is anticipated to be immense.

The conference opened by paying tribute to the Eritrean martyrs and by singing the national anthem. These acts were testimony to the preservation of national values and to undaunted fighting spirit in the face of adversity.

Mrs. Azieb Mehzun, the chairperson of the Midwest flank of Hzbawi Mekete, called the meeting to order and welcomed the participants with enthusiasm. Even though the participants drove long distances, they reciprocated with equal enthusiasm unhampered by fatigue.

Each contingent introduced its members and gave a report pertaining to its activities, challenges and accomplishments.

Brehane G. Solomon from Eritrean Embassy presented at length very pertinent and up-to-date information through video conference [by means of video and audio transmission]. Brehane pointed out the illegality and underhandedness of the sanctions leveled against Eritrea. He explained the decision to sanction Eritrea; it was wrong and based on fabricated evidence that was not even accepted by most UNSC except US. Brehane stated further that the sanctions are “bark and no bite”, diluted with no corrosive effect, blunt with no impact on our future development endeavor. Brehane underscored that our unity is the mainstay of our enduring victory. He alluded that civil discourse among nationals is healthy and to be expected. However, those who attack Eritrean sovereignty in cahoots with the enemy have crossed the red light and they are beyond redemption. And he concluded his presentation by question and answer session from participants through video conference. At the seminar Dr. Mihreteab Gebrehiiwet from Chicago, Mr. Ogbazghi Abay from Cincinnati, Mr. Alamin (wedi Haji) and Dr. Berket Feday from Minnesota presented different topics to the participants.

Mrs. Freweyni Tekeste, Chairwoman of Shimagle from Washington DC also was present at the meeting and gave detailed information on what is expected from Mekete shimagle leaders and the Eritrean public. And she explained how we should be ready and prepared ahead of time to tackle any eventuality to defend our rights and abort any attacks from enemy circles. She also explained to the participants as US citizens to exercise our US citizen rights without intimidated by enemies who try to weaken our strength. She also suggested that we have to use our rights to protect our rights as US citizens legally and to go beyond to explain our Eritrean cause to other US citizens and Government officials.

Freweyni also helped the participants to discuss in group about different topics at the seminar. Participants presented their discussion summary through their group leaders to the house.

The Mekete shimagle from different cities of the Midwest cities discussed their weakness and strengths in detail of their experience and shared their experiences at the meeting through their representatives. This first time experience in the Midwest meeting in person was very successful that make us know each other of the people who never met before. I am sure such meeting will help and strength our relationship among each other in the future.

The mekete shimagle mothers of Chicago prepared and served very delicious food to all the participants’ breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would like to thank on behalf all participants for their generosity, warm reception and overall to make the seminar to be successful. Special thanks also to the core organizers of Chicago Hzbawi Mekete, namely, Mrs. Azieb Mehzun, Mr. Girmai Berhe, Mrs. Twres Berhane and Berhane Manna.

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