#OpenLetter – Open Letter to Dr. Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to UN

Open Letter to Susan Rice from Eritrean, YPFDJ Tag

Dear Ambassador Susan Rice

I am a British National of Eritrean origin, living and working in London.

Allow me to first, wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Your undesired Christmas present to the Eritrean people that you personally delivered on Christmas Eve of 2009 named UNSC Resolution 1907 angered the vast majority of Eritreans worldwide and their subsequent simultaneous global peaceful demonstrations were loud and clear expression of their anger towards the illegal and unjust sanctions that are based on fabricated allegations contained in the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group’s Report but with no objective evidence whatsoever.

These simultaneous global peaceful demonstrations were more importantly a vote of confidence on the Government of Eritrea (GoE) by Eritreans in the Diaspora composed of people of all ages and calibre, working and living in the West.

To add insult to injury and weeks before Christmas 2011, you have once again delivered the second undesired Christmas Present UNSC Resolution 2023 to the peace and God loving people and their principled leadership whose only crimes are the pursuit of their basic human right to self reliance, political and economic independence and the promotion of social justice, the Eritrea philosophy.

In deed it was also in December of 1952 that The US Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, made the following unforgettable remarks:

“From the point of view of justice, the opinions of the Eritrean people must receive consideration. Nevertheless the strategic interests of the United States in the Red Sea basin and considerations of security and world peace make it necessary that the country has to be linked with our ally, Ethiopia”

John Foster Dulles and his team laid the foundation of the misguided US foreign policy on Eritrea and the region as a whole instigating a protracted and bloody conflict between the two sisterly countries which dragged on for three decades. However, after heavy sacrifice, the rule of law prevailed and justice was delivered when Eritreans militarily achieved their independence in 1991, thanks to their gallant freedom fighters and heroic martyrs who paid the ultimate price. Also, Eritrea’s independence was legally recognised by the international community in 1993 following a referendum, thanks to the wisdom of its principled and courageous leadership.

Just seven years after the two sisterly countries enjoyed peaceful neighbourliness and cooperation in their nation building and healing of wounds inflicted by the three decades of conflict, the same misguided US foreign policy instigated a bloody conflict under the disguise of a border conflict, however, both the Eritrean and the Ethiopian people are well informed that the real issue was not border dispute over Badme but to undo Eritrea’s political and economic independence through regime change. The regime in Ethiopia was promised the port of Assab and other economic, developmental and humanitarian handouts in return for subcontracting the war that would have led to regime change as was witnessed in December 2006 when the Ethiopian Army invaded Somalia and kicked out the Islamic Courts and destroyed the only hope the Somalis had in re-establishing a peaceful and united Somalia that could have lived in peace, harmony and cooperation with its neighbours and the international community.

Eritrea is a small nation of 5 million people in a volatile region led by visionary people in pursuit of an alternative social, political and economic philosophy in Africa. A philosophy, that in a short span of time and despite natural climatic challenges and manmade conspiracies has brought about miraculous development in human resources, capacity building, vital infrastructures, peace and security, food security and the promotion of social justice. Furthermore, in spite of the global economic uncertainties and recession Eritrea has achieved the fastest growing economy in the world not because of the booming mining industry but because of its industrious and productive human resources and selfless leadership.

I believe that when the Almighty looks down on Eritrea, He smiles with delight because in spite of the persistent draught and poverty in the region and because of the hard work of the Eritrean people and their selfless leaders there are no people starving to death in Eritrea, no one is denied access to medical care because he/she is poor, no child is denied access to education because education is free up to university level, there are no homeless people sleeping on the pavements and streets because they are poor or mentally ill. This wonderful God loving and God fearing people love each other and it is after all in the scriptures that if you do not love your neighbour you cannot claim to love God.

This is the foundation of rich traditions and cultures that nurtured the people and their leaders. Nevertheless, and in accordance with human nature, as Jesus Christ had Judas, Eritrea has its share and as the Romans persecuted the Christians, the US is using you and the UNSC to persecute Eritreans, but as Christianity spread worldwide and eventually converted the Roman King to Christianity, the Eritrean philosophy of self reliance, political and economic independence and promotion of social justice will inevitably spread throughout Africa and the globe. Eventually, as the Roman King was converted to Christianity, a US president will embrace this basic human decency and the Eritrean philosophy of self reliance, equality, independence and the promotion of social justice. I hope President Obama would be the one who would embrace this philosophy.

This has its foundation in the faith of the word of the New Testament that was severely persecuted by the hegemonic Roman Empire for fear of losing its grip on human beings owned as slaves. Similarly, the Eritrean philosophy of self reliance and political and economic independence is being persecuted by the US using you and the UNSC to sabotage Eritrea in its efforts to achieve the aforementioned goals. However, as the Roman Empire arrogance crumbled against the peaceful but undeterred faith of the Word and the Good prevailed over evil, so will the Eritrean peaceful philosophy prevail against all odds.

Eritreans and their friends are well informed that this philosophy is perceived as a threat to the interests of the US and its allies as prophesised by an Australian author, Thomas Kennelly in his book titled ‘’Towards Asmara’’ which he published after visiting EPLF librated areas few years before independence.

“Do you know what the emergency really is? You want to hear about the really big emergency? The emergency is that if you guys [Eritreans] succeed [using your principle of self-reliance], you’ll be an embarrassment to Africa. Who wants a setup like yours? There aren’t many governments on this continent that do. There aren’t many governments in Europe. Coloured folk who can look after themselves? It isn’t viable. It upsets the world picture. Don’t you know the West has to believe famine’s an act of God? If they believe that, they only have to make a donation. But if they believe it’s an act of bloody politics, they have to really do something, and that’s too, too complicated. So what is the story? The story is you guys will fall on your own f—ing swords, because you’ve got this crazy idea that the world will allow you to be perfect!”

As you may be aware, Eritreans are very civilized people who have very admirable cultures and traditions based on equality, tolerance, respect, self reliance, social justice, human decency and above all fear of God. Eritrea is a country where the rich supports the poor not with arrogance but with humility to become self reliant, where the strong helps the weak not with pity but with compassion, and where disputes between individuals and villages are settled peacefully not in deceitful manner but in wisdom and justice. A country where a whole village gets together to build a newly married couple their first house and gives them plots of land to grow their food and cash crops so the new family is also self reliant. A country where David literally killed Goliath in defence of his people, a country where the youth are literally moving mountains to make ways for roads and dams to achieve food security, holistic development and promote social justice. It is a country where, in accordance with the scriptures, the people pray for their leaders so they may live in peace. Also, Eritrea is a country where violence, greed, deceit and selfishness are condemned by the vast majority. Therefore, Eritreans and those who know them would tell you that the accusations against Eritrea must be fabricated especially in the absence of hard evidence. Let alone the Eritrean government, even the EPLF did not resort to terrorism during the darkest hours of the 30 years of the armed struggle, because terrorism goes against everything Eritreans believe in.

Therefore, it would be an insult to our intelligence if you expect us to believe that

  1. Eritrea had 2,000 soldiers in Somalia leading to December 2006 when the Ethiopian Army supported by US invaded Somalia.
  2. that three planes belonging to Eritrea landed in Somalia without being detected by the US and the French intelligence in the region. Leave alone a plane even a butterfly can not fly in the region without being detected by US and French intelligence based in the region.
  3. Furthermore, the serial numbers of weapons sold by Russia to Eritrea were in deed obtained by US government as part of an agreement between USA and Russia to exchange information including serial numbers of weapons sold to all countries in their efforts to fight terrorism. These serial numbers of weapons sold to Eritrea were used as evidence that weapons found in Somalia had the same serial numbers. We Eritreans and the international community would like to challenge you by asking you to present these weapons that were sold to Eritrea but were found in Somalia to an independent body for inspection and verification.
  4. The drama regarding bombing the AU is a classic work of the mafia regime in Addis trying to frame Eritrea and the names and nationalities of those that have been detained have been confirmed as Ethiopians as there are no Eritreans by those names. Eritreans are like one big extended family and they know their own.
  5. As disclosed by wikilikies and as per your colleague’s assessment Eritrea’s role in the conflict in Somalia is insignificant.

Dear Ambassador Susan Rice, I decided to write this open letter to you during this festive occasion so you can reflect because I believe that deep down in your heart, you recognise the fact that Eritrea is innocent of the alleged crimes and that the accusations have been fabricated in order to justify the hot pursuit of the misguided US foreign policy that has failed to deliver for over 60 years.

Please be informed that past US foreign policy failed to:

  1. militarily destroy the EPLF during the 30 years armed struggle for independence,
  2. abort international recognition of Eritrea’s independence following the referendum,
  3. bring regime change in 1998 under the disguise of border conflict over Badme,
  4. strangulate Eritrea’s economy through the declared and undeclared sanctions,
  5. isolate Eritrea from the international community and weaken the unity of the Eritrean people in Eritrea and in the Diaspora

The same misguided foreign policy is also doomed to fail in sabotaging Eritrea’s social, political and economic development and self reliance.

At this juncture of your career, there is a golden opportunity for you to be different to your predecessors and think outside the box. Also, you ought to intellectually challenge those who want to blindly pursue these policies that have failed to deliver and I trust that you have the courage to engage with the GoE in a constructive and persistent dialogue to politically address the conflicts of this region with professionalism, impartiality and in accordance with international law for the benefit of the peoples of the region and the international community.

Yours faithfully,

Kidane Eyob

London UK

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