#ESMART – #Eritrea and its Proactive Stance

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By Haile A.

Selam all,

In a letter dated January 4. 2012, the Government of Eritrea (GoE) has once again shown its proactive stance against any potential backdoor sneak-attack like we have witnessed in the past. The letter to the Chairman of the Security Council Committee highlights 3 items that Eritrea wants the UNSC to address NOW before they somehow sneak their way into the UN floor and maliciously spread like a virus by Susan Rice into the “Blue” section, or in layman’s term into the Death Row. So from Eritrea’s part, this can be considered a stoke of genius and a very smart move because first, the UNSC should address this issues in a timely manner; and second, this new Eritrea’s proactive stance, instead of the old reactive stance, would essentially shut off the backdoor ports like a Firewall so that malicious viruses like “Susan Rice -2012” and others would not be able to sucker-punch Eritrea any more. For those of you in the IT field, consider the 3 items in the letter as the latest “Microsoft Critical Updates” that need to be applied to protect critical systems from being compromised.

This is extremely important, especially if one looks at item number one in the letter. Eritrea complained vehemently to the Chairman of the UNSC that its National Security would be severely compromised if the so-called UN Monitoring Group is seeking to “deepen its knowledge of Eritrea’s military intelligence services” in the name of the “arms embargo.” A quick glance at the latest sanction text doesn’t mentions anything close to what the Monitoring Group is seeking to do, so the first question that comes to mind immediately would be does the Monitoring Group have the mandate to delve inside our military intelligence? A follow-up question would then be what does the Monitoring Group want to do with that kind of information? We are not that naive, so the Chairman of Security Council SHOULD (and MUST by law) address Eritrea’s serious concern immediately.

For the record, this is not the first time Eritrea has written a letter to the UNSC. In a letter dated December 19, 2011, Eritrea has also submitted a 13-page letter to the President of the SC, H.E Mr. Vitaly Churkin, mainly highlighting United State’s illegal and unjust manners to circumvent conventional UN mechanisms in order to enforce by any means necessary a sanctions on Eritrea not only once but twice. Eritrea also highlighted the Monitoring Group’s report as a full of “fallacy and unfounded accusations heaped” against Eritrea and it urged the UNSC to “establish an independent, impartial and credible body” in place of the current one. It is not known if the UNSC responded to this 13-page letter, and I don’t know how they will respond to the latest later but regardless how one sees it, Eritrea has now clearly placed the ball on UNSC’s court.

So now, since the GoE has become very proactive and transparent in dealing with the UN, it is incumbent upon us in the Diaspora to do our own share by also demanding the UNSC to respond to Eritrea’s several letters in a transparent and legal manner, including the letter Eritrea sent regarding the Qatari Peace Initiative in November, 2011, which Djibouti is trying to undermine and delay its implementation in order to make Eritrea look bad at the UN.

In this regard, I am hoping that we in the Diaspora follow this progress very closely and seriously and to do our due diligence to compliment GoE’s proactive diplomacy in dealing with the UN. Hopefully, the MeKete and Youth organizations can use this new development as a stepping-stone to build a solid wall that can defend Eritrea from any illegal future sanction.

Awet nHafash,

Haile A.

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