Good Wishes for 2012

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By Seble Ephrem

Following the UN resolutions recently imposed on Eritrea the message that came across very clearly is the continued US total, undemocratic dominance over the Security Council members and the safeguarding of US interests in the Horn of Africa, while fairness, truth and justice were not even on the agenda. A truly deplorable state.

The ongoing soured relationship between Eritrea and the US has inevitably reached its peak and while tensions are raw as they currently are, it is very difficult to contemplate engagement or any form of talks to resolve the issues on hand. The crucial issue is the establishment of peace and stability in the region. Having undergone decades of war and disruption, Eritrea is keen to see peace and prosperity prevail. The question is whether the US is equally interested?

With all the conflict resolution capabilities and, more importantly, the duties they have in ensuring that justice, freedom and democracy are upheld; the rest of the international community has failed to demonstrate such duties. There was a glint of hope when some of the permanent members and some of the rotating members voiced their concerns in the proceedings of the Security Council resolutions, but in the end they chose to copout of political compromise by abstaining.

The opportunity for the US to engage Eritrea as a partner for peace and stability is still there if only they would listen, learn understand and respect the Eritrean values and principles, none of which step on others’ toes. If only the US would develop fresh thinking in its relationships and see the many pull factors that Eritrea has to offer including its strategic geographic location and wealth of topographic advantages, its hitherto corruption free governance, a motivated work force, etc.. The benefits of such ties would have far reaching mutual economical and political benefits over short term corporate advantages.

For the sake of freedom and justice may 2012 usher in a wind of change at the UN Security Council and work towards eliminating war mongering intents of powerful nations. May the New Year instil wisdom in their minds together with a sense of balance, and the courage to challenge the US to make the wishes of the Eritrean people for peace and prosperity a reality by allowing them the space to manage their hard earned independence in their own way and without external interference.

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