#Eritrea, We arrive at an Irreversible stage

Eritrea the Land of the Can Do People


Even though the challenges our people and country are facing is mounting up in time, the capacity and mental firmness that enable us to meet those obstacles are rising to the sky, parallel to this our value as people and country is untouchable.

For simple facts we can mention two things as people, our unity, and readiness to confront any threat that can come from weyane is already materialized.

In spite of every one with ill will and especially weyane trying to motivate people to stand against sawa, at this moment all Eritreans over 18 years older are soldiers that can defend their country wholeheartedly from any intruder, this is a tangible reality. On top of that all Eritreans that are abroad no matter what different opinions they may have, when it comes to national issue’s no Eritrean is going to compromise, at the end of the day we are talking about the children of one mothers and dignified Eritreans, Every single family paid an immense price to posses, know, safeguard, our objective, it belongs to all of us. For that reason, we are not ignorant to every detail subject of our country simply we are the nation or it is us, there is no existence without it. Vice versa and this too is Irreversible.

When we talk of our unity it is one of our best qualities that was built in a long time by heroes and heroines, paying a profound price, that is why the enemy of the people of Eritrea is trying hard to crack our core strength, to no effect. What they misperceived [sic] is we are at unalterable stage in regard our unity, thanks to great culture of our people. Exist in harmony, not only respect each other tradition they enjoy it enthusiastically. Nevertheless as responsible nationals we should always nurture it. As all we know we can learn from the latest history, one or few individuals that are lost on their subject can capitalize in narrow less than national objectives, and create havoc on the people to no one advantage, except destruction in all aspects and worst consequence for them, for instance Slobodan Milosevic and his henchmen Karadzic and mladic they betray their people in the name of Serbs, Bosnia was a truly multiethnic state Serbs, Croats, and Moslems they lived as one over 500 years, the capital Sarajevo host city to the 1984 Olympic was famous for its mixture, even one intellectual liked to compare “Bosnia to the skin of a leopard” with each spot different group.

All this beauty vanished in a blink of time to no triumph, except distraction in all aspects of life, in the mean time dear consequence were payed both physically and mentally by the perpetrators.

Not trying to compare but it is a slight lesson from history, because of our insane egomaniac habits as human beings there is always mishaps out of the whole society. When individuals cannot accomplish their goals and are left out, they gravitate to a narrow minded mentality (feudal sentiment) and by misleading people they create regrettable occurrence.

That is why we consider the issue of our unity, a priority. As such always at any given moment, as responsible citizens, we have to be able to disagree with out been disagreeable. We should not blame someone with feudal sentiment while sub subconsciously we fall in to that trap.

The point is our unity in the case of all of us means our existence, we have to water it as a plant and nurture it as human being. Hence, if we stride the extra mile to accomplish this goal it is a novel thing to do, the culture of tolerance that we inherited from our ancestors laid its wisdom on

So let’s keep it alive, as we all know meles with his thugs has never stopped trying to find a loophole to disrupt our unity, this junta out of their paranoia they use dived and rule method to their people they assume if they make it work this will weaken Eritrea too, at no point do they make decisions with farsightedness.

If they would have thought their last destination, they wouldn’t have gone that far to harm or deceit them self’s, at the end of the day unless there is another universe to live in. They will be accountable What actions we take whether they are good or bad in the end affect us overall; this logic
has not been comprehended yet by those bandits.

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