8th Annual #Eritrean Youth #YPFDJ Conference

8th YPFDJ Conference in Sweden


The 8th Annual conference held by and for Young People’s Front for Democracy & Justice will take place on April 5-9 in Sweden.

Over 800 participants from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East, Eritrea and other African nations will meet to learn and discuss matters relating to Eritrea.

The aim of the conference is offer a platform to evaluate the progress and development of the movement in general and the chapters in particular. Furthermore, the conference provides the opportunity for Eritrean youth in the diaspora, spread across four continents, to network and build long-term relationships as they fulfill their commitment to serve their nation. This years topics will reflect on how to cohesively implement the YPFDJ Strategic Plan, gain a better understanding of the political road ahead in Eritrea, and plan a summer of service in Eritrea. To ensure a common and deeper understanding of each topic, lectures, debates, and group discussions will be conducted between the youth, Eritrean decision makers and the Eritrean community.

For any queries please send an email to: conference [at] youngpfdj.com

Awet N’Hafash !
8th Euro YPFDJ Conference Organizing Committee

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