#Peace in the #HornOfAfrica

Peace in The Horn

By YPFDJ-California

What is action month?

Action month is a continuation of Action Day – a day of advocacy across the world on the 10th anniversary of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC)’s final and binding ruling of the Eritrea-Ethiopia boundary conflict.

Between the 13th of April to the 13th of May, this YPFDJ California initiative will be repeating the petition signing and lobbying efforts with a greater focus on education, community and outreach to non-Eritrean communities.

What are our demands?

Bring an end to conflicts in the Horn of Africa by:

  1. Pressuring Ethiopia to accept the final and binding decision of the EEBC unequivocally!
  2. Ending the occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory!
  3. Condemning Ethiopia’s recent attack on Eritrea!

Why April 13th-May 13th?

April 13th 2002 was the day when the EEBC released its final and binding ruling by delineating the Eritrea-Ethiopia frontier. Although the ruling was, by law to be accepted by both parties no matter the outcome, the Ethiopian regime to this day has refused to accept the court’s decision. As such, Eritrean territory continues to be occupied, thousands remain internally displaced and a “no-war, no-peace” situation has resulted. Furthermore, May 13th was selected to end the month-long initiative as it is the anniversary of when the Ethiopian regime had declared war on Eritrea in 1998.

There are several conflicts and humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa, why is this one so important?

Between 1998-2000, the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict was the largest conventional war taking place at that time! As a result, millions were displaced, hundreds of thousands dead and billions of dollars of property was destroyed. Although somewhat ambiguous, the toll of the resulting no-war, no-peace situation that came about after Ethiopia’s refusal to continue with the peace process has been tremendous. Many of the “conflicts” and humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa actually have their root in this conflict. Somehow, Eritrea has been labeled as the regional aggressor while the current Ethiopian regime has since invaded its neighbor Somalia causing a massive humanitarian crisis and committed acts of genocide and forced displacement within its own borders. Both acts of aggression have moreover been met by resistance for which Eritrea is blamed, thereby making Eritrea look like the cause of regional instability and detracting attention from the acts themselves and Ethiopia’s refusal to continue with the peace process!

Furthermore, Ethiopia’s recent unwarranted attack on Eritrean soil on the 14th of March must also be condemned as acts of military aggression similar to this sparked the 1998-2000 conflict. WE MUST PREVENT ANOTHER HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN THE HORN OF AFRICA! TAKE ACTION TODAY!

When will action month come to my city?

April 13th- Worldwide (see community bulletins for details).
April 27th- San Jose.
May 4th- Greater Los Angeles Area (OCLA).
May 11th- San Diego.
May 13th- TBA.
More information coming soon!
Want more information about this conflict? Click on the link below!
Demarcation Watch! (powered by dehai.org).
Victory to the Masses!!
ዓወት ንሓፋሽ !! النصر للجماهير

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