#Eritrea – As a people we do a lot of forgetting collectively…

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By Sam B.

Recent comments in Eritrean cyber abodes regarding the upcoming US elections and the weighing if Obama or the other guy will be better for our region, country and Africa forced me to revisit my 2008 comments. I concluded then by saying “as people we do a lot of forgetting collectively. Shall I dare hope this time we will learn?” Unfortunately, some of our people it appears have not learned the rather expensive lesson Obama’s administration [taught] us. As such I reiterate my earlier comments. And here it is.

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Obama: Institutional and Imperial Imperatives

Let me start with a quote attributed to a great Roman Statesman, lawyer, philosopher and great orator, Cicero:

“Not to know what has been transacted in former times is to be always a child. If no use is made of the labors of past ages the world must remain always in the infancy of knowledge.”

“Be careful what you wish for”, also goes a Chinese saying. Let me remind my brothers and sisters that in Election 2000 we, collectively, wished for the now despised President George W. Bush to come to power. It seems we have forgotten that, but, as people we have been doing a lot of forgetting – it looks. I find this very interesting and I hope you will too. I will have to come back to that bit on George Bush a little later.

First though, in case you have not noticed, through out the mini Obama campaign in our community, the assertion that Obama will usher a better day for our region and that his election ought to inspire hope of better days for Eritrea and Eritreans was not challenged, at least not by me – I speak for myself of course. It is not so because I agreed with this assertion. I have other reasons. The first one of them being; since I was in no way invested in this election and since my position is that it matters not who wins, Clinton, Obama, McCain, or any of the rest of the contenders, I saw no reason to challenge those that saw some “wisdom” (however tenuous) in convincing Eritreans to pick one of the contenders vying for the top MANAGER of the head office of the Empire on behalf of the ruling elite.

However, I find it strange, and interesting at the same time, that insults are hurled to some of us only for suggesting that those who wish to question Obama’s policy, at what ever level, ought to be free to do so. Strange also this new type of love for “American democracy” has no room for intellectual or any other kind of decent. I have no problems handling those childish tantrums of an over eager adolescence or anyone else for that matter.

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    Including for the spelling correction 🙂

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