Senait Weldemariam First Person In Her Family To Go To College (VIDEO)

Senait Weldemariam First Person In Her Family To Go To College (VIDEO)

Senait Weldemariam

Nineteen year-old Senait Weldemariam’s parents were unable to study past elementary school in Eritrea, Africa. In 1993 they immigrated to New York in hopes of providing Senait and her younger brother with a solid education and an opportunity to achieve their dreams. Now their daughter has become the first member of their family to attend college.

Watch her emotional reaction as she first reads her acceptance letter to Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

One letter rewrites teen’s future

By Nick Ramsey

In tonight’s Rewrite we shared with you the story of a New York City teenager named Senait. Her family came to the United States nearly 20 years ago fleeing a war in the African nation of Eritrea.

Her story was first told in this video from the Young Women’s Leadership Network. Senait was helped by the YWLN’s CollegeBound Initiative which “empowers young women and men to realize their higher education and life potential by placing full-time college guidance experts in high-need public schools.”

To learn more about these organizations or to see Senait’s entire original video, just follow the links above.

[Video of MSNBC’s The Last Word]

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