#YoungPFDJ (#YPFDJ) Conference Report, August 25th, 2012

YPFDJ Toronto Conference 2012


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today was a very productive day at the 8th YPFDJ Conference hosted by Toronto, Canada. YPFDJ broke up into four groups and each team was tasked with coming up with the most critical factors of national development given a situation similar to what Eritrea is currently facing. The overall consensus among the groups was that national security was of utmost importance. Alongside national security, the list included priorities such as ideology, institutionalized democracy, food security and social justice. This day provided an essential opportunity for YPFDJ members to use their critical thinking skills when analyzing a given situation.

After reconvening in the main conference room, there was a lecture given by the Head of Research and Documentation at the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice, Mr. Zemhret Yohannes. A social luncheon served as a break for the group before settling back in the conference room where the London team gave the crowd an entertaining cultural performance.

To the anticipation of all whom were attending, Mr. Yohannes returned to give members a lecture about the role of Social and Cultural Evolution (from a biological standpoint) with respect to Political Development. The speaker gave an analysis on the progress of politics throughout the course of human history. This lecture then transformed into a question & answer session with members openly asking Mr. Yohannes questions about political developments, particularly in Eritrea.

The night, however, will not end here; a cultural (Bahlawi) night party will proceed with a sure-to-be electrifying Qorchach performance!

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