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“Since the decision of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Commission in 2002 Eritreans have been waiting for its enforcement. Although in technical effect, the Government of Ethiopia has persisted in its rejection… To date, it has been ignored and demonized by the international community.”

By Merhawie

The leaders of Eritrea, in a reflection of the Eritrean people, strive for regional and international cooperation. This goal is outlined as the sixth goal of the Eritrean National Charter. Specifically, to coexist in harmony and contribute, within its means to global peace, security and development.

For many years, in particular the last 12 years, Eritrea has been accused of being isolationist. This is clearly contrary to the goal of contributing to global peace and development. Indeed, this is likely a misunderstanding of the fifth principle from the Eritrean National Charter, which is self-reliance. In fact, the Charter specifically notes, “Self-reliance does not mean to isolate oneself from the international community.” Clearly, the Third Congress of the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice anticipated this sort of criticism and made a clear and unambiguous statement to the contrary. A similar sentiment is included in both Articles 8 & 13 of the Constitution of Eritrea (1997).

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