[#Eritrea] Balancing Society

Semantic Eritrea

By Merhawie

I believe in individual rights, however, this can often lead to the tyranny of one. The privilege of the individual may conflict with that of the community in which s/he lives, and in this case, a balance must be struck. A balance between the community and the individual is the oldest problem of governance; ought the community yield to the individual – to the harm of the many – or should the individual yield to the community (one for all; fraternity)?

More important to the question of the balance between the individual’s and community’s right, what is the consequence of coercion. Typically this question is approached purely from the position of the individual’s fear of coercion by the community, but as the last century proved, coercion by the individual to society can be just as consequential. Neither of these approaches are effective in their extreme, as you will see below, a balance must be struck. But within what framework should this balancing occur?

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