A conversation with @zekaryassolomon: multi award winner, fashion designer and architect

Zekaryas Solomon

“The [baggy trousers] design was taken from Eritrean heritage, re-interpreting traditional costumes with a futuristic, functional edge and also, being trained originally as an architect; the clean lines and impeccable structure is evident in my designs.”

By Kemey.Blogspot.com

Part I

Best Male Designer 2012 @ BEFFTA,
Menswear Designer of the year 2012 @ fashions Finest

First of all, congratulations on your latest awards which occurred within two weeks of each other and being named one of “Africa’s Top Ten Male Designers”

Issayas: Would you tell us about yourself?

Zekaryas: I am a guy who was born in Eritrea and spent most of my formative years growing up in Germany. I have a very strong perfectionist professional side, tempered with a very soft fun-loving humorous nature which stands me in good stead for the demands of my chosen profession.

Issayas: You studied architecture and fashion. Why the switch and was the switch difficult?

Zekaryas: Yes I first studied Architecture, Design and Art at University of Wuppertal, Germany and Fashion Design at London College of Fashion London, UK. Why the switch? This is a questions that I always get asked. Why from architecture to fashion? A question from an Eritrean elder man (kab engineer si nab Sarto yhaysh ilka)? If you are not happy you look always for something. After starting my job in London as design architect for an educational building, all the projects I was involved were connected to lots of problems. My job was sitting hours in the office and fixing plans which made me working so many hours, getting depressed and not having normal life. The worst thing was that I didn’t feel creative at all and this made me hate my job everyday…

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