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our purpose should be to create #Awareness of #Inspiration by instilling #Desire, #Direction and #Purpose

By Daniel Semere

It’s been disclosed time and again that the future as a whole is always dependent on the future of the youth in any given time. And often the prospect of nations has always been dependent on this fact. That’s why they give priority for the development of their youth and invest continuously a lot. And in no other instance could this statement hold more truth than in case of Eritrea. But any and every effort will be meaningless without awareness and a well-defined purpose from the part of the youth. So the one crucial question we need to ask is how can we promote and provide a conducive environment for our youth to enable them to contribute in building their community for the future?

We can start by acknowledging the change and continuity in our society. One thing is for sure, times have changed, and first and foremost we need to accept this new shift in the minds of our youth. But this by no means is meant to give less credit for the imperativeness of our history and past as it is and always be the guide and indeed reference we will seek as a nation for times to come. Indeed our community has the benefit from the wisdom of ages as it is the owner of rich culture and history that can even be an inspiration to others. And one other rich resource we have is the creativity of our youth that has been proven time and again through the course of time. These two things by all means comprise the best option and suggest a best approach to inspire our youth and amass the required result.

Having these qualities at our disposal we need to take the focus of what our youth are good at and moreover how we think they should support their community. In order to receive support from our youth and attracting them to the community, we need to help them live the greatness that lies and cultivate the voice within them. It’s not always necessarily that we should talk in collective terms. Although change is the result of collective actions, it is nonetheless comprised of individual actions, and hence preferences and capability. This is to say that every individual has what it takes to achieve the life that they know they can have; therefore our purpose should be to create awareness of inspiration that already exists within our youth by instilling desire, direction, and most importantly purpose, and help them to create their own belief system deeply rooted in our history. It is this belief system that will mold and grow the nation as a whole for the future of our country is nothing more than the individuals and particularly the youth within it.

And the task should start from the bottom so that when, children believe they could be anything they desired with no sense of fear and would one day rule the world our society should rather support their passion, drive and vision by inculcating the awareness that regardless of their life circumstances, or environment, they will be able to achieve whatever they envision for themselves. In doing so we will keep the dreams of our youth alive that will in turn feed the growth of our community for, once again, its future lies within the dreams of our youth. After all what do the achievers in our society or around the world, those who we admire, have in common? Nothing other than the fact that they believe in themselves and their dreams. And believing in yourself and dreams is the fundamental foundation to achieving what you want out of life, regardless of your background, education, gender, circumstances or anything else. We often see examples of someone overcoming great odds to achieve their goal, due to their belief in those values. Looking at our near past would suffice this conviction echoing there’s nothing stronger in this world than a heart that knows what it wants. Our self-concept, the belief we have of our self, will be the catalyst of our actions. Hence It will affect every decision we make in life, our ability to grow mentally, and the capacity to embrace change within generations.

So in order to create a value based community that we always aspire and strive for, we need to, as a nation, combine the ‘wisdom of ages and the creativity of our youth’. And As parents we need to set the example of what defines our community so our children can be the future. Today’s youth need to develop a way of thinking that will instill life-long values they will need in order to prosper, to fight for what is right, to fight for what they believe, to fight once again to keep our heritage alive for eternity. The future of our nation and heritage lies on the centuries of wisdom and the creativity of our youth; our legacy cannot live without the other.

Eritrea Profile
Eritrea Profile, Saturday 16th of November, 2013

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