Eritrea: Where “News and Information” is Advanced and Available to All

Old Newspaper

#RSF & #AntiEritrea entities criticize “#GovernmentRunMedia” [Look at #BBC] Who really owns the #MainstreamMedia?

By Sophia Tesfamariam

One of my favorite pastimes in Eritrea is to rummage through my grandfather’s papers, which include his own writings in the Eritrean newspapers of the 1940s and that of the many prolific Eritreans. The lively discussions on the various issues of the day as well as news and information provided are a treasure and offer a glimpse into Eritrea’s past and the heartbeat of the population, living under occupation. These old papers are also monuments, testament to Eritrea’s rich media culture and history, and one that will undoubtedly inspire Eritreans to aspire to inform, and emulate the craftiness with which our forefathers presented the Eritrean voice.

It is not the intention of this author to do a comprehensive presentation on Eritrea’s vast media and information history, which includes a variety of literary sources including books, magazines and newsletters. That, is still an endeavor that needs to be pursued in earnest as Eritrea moves into the next phase in its development agenda. An information infrastructure to meet the demands of an increasingly interconnected global economy in which the people of Eritrea will have an important and indispensable role in defining Eritrea’s true image and character. Despite the hostile colonial environment and the denial of formal education to majority of the people, Eritreans found ways to express themselves orally, through art and even print across the globe, and most especially in Eritrea.

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