RIP to our Compatriot Alex Rambo Isaac

Alex Rambo Isaac

[#RIP] #AlexRamboIsaac used his immense talent as a means to promote his #Culture and his country [#Eritrea]

By YoungPFDJ – North America

On March 12, 2014, YPFDJ lost one of its most dedicated and inspiring members. Alex Isaac, also known as Rambo by his friends, lost his battle with cancer, passing away at the young age of 28. Born and raised in Toronto, Alex grew up with a fascination for music, and much pride in his country. Throughout his youth, he took to playing kirar and sharing his singing on stage for his local community. Performing at weddings and cultural events, Alex eventually became known as a bright, young talent across the Eritrean diaspora.

In addition to music, Alex was a talented sketch artist. He also modernized the traditional kirar, by adding a circuit board that allowed electronic fine tuning in a matter of seconds. This not only saved kirar players tuning time but also allowed them to play without carrying multiple, differently-tuned kirars for performances.

Alex used his immense talent as a means to promote his culture and his country, helping to secure the patriotism of a new generation of Eritreans. His memory will forever live on in his family, friends, comrades and the countless young Eritreans who have grown closer to their heritage because of him.

YPFDJ extends its deepest condolences to the family and to all those who knew Alex Isaac.

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2 thoughts on “RIP to our Compatriot Alex Rambo Isaac

  1. Melat GualSawra

    Rest Easy bro. Duly missed.

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