YPFDJ & Hidri Community Service Day

YPFDJ/Hidri Denver Community Service group

#Volunteering at the #RonaldMcDonaldHouse @RMHC allowed us to introduce #Eritrea, #YPFDJ & #Hidri into our #Community

By YoungPFDJ-Denver

Members of YPFDJ and HIDRI gathered on March 9, 2014 to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. This is an organization that provides temporary housing for pediatric patients and their families during hospital treatment.

Volunteers are required to prepare meals from scratch in order to prevent food borne illnesses. Meals are prepared for 50-60 children and adults.

The group decided to do a taco bar in order for everyone to have something to do. Each member was delegated a job; either cutting up veggies, preparing the sides or making the meat. Everything was laid out in a buffet style. Once guests began arriving, members prepared plates individually based on their requests. This was because the house was under quarantine due to the flu season. Once dinner was done, everyone worked together to clean up the facility.

Each guest seemed to be very appreciative of the hard work from Hidri & YPFDJ. Though most of these families come from all over the state there are some that have traveled from other states just to receive treatment for their children. The situation is overwhelming enough as it is, so being able to provide dinner is one less thing these families have to worry about.

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House not only allowed us to introduce Eritrea but also YPFDJ & Hidri into our community. Employees and guests of the Ronald McDonald House were enthusiastic to learn more about the organization. Hidri & YPFDJ plan to volunteer again in the near future.

Awet N’hafash

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