History of our Time Hidri Retreat

Hidri Dallas Retreat

We focused on teaching #Hidri the importance of Bisaynet- #Camaraderie, Tewfiynet- #Sacrifice & Tseawrnet- #Tolerance

By Hidri – Dallas

From March 14th through the 16th 2014, YPFDJ/Hidri Dallas hosted the Third Annual “History Of our Times” retreat, a three day retreat that was designed to unite the youth in Dallas through the bond that ties all of us together – our history, the past, present & future. Last year the workshop focused on covering Eritrean history from the border dispute to current events. This year’s workshop focused Psychological warfare and it’s effect on Eritrean youth, and how we as Eritreans should view ourselves. In order to strengthen our community and be the best ambassadors for Eritrea we must first learn to work together, have the ability to sacrifice our needs for others and be able to tolerate all the negative things that might be thrown our way. It is with that spirit that the we designed our third activity based portion of our retreat that focused on teaching Hidri members the importance of Bisaynet (camaraderie), Tewfiynet (Sacrifice) and Tseawrnet (tolerance), the three essential values that are necessary in ensuring we are building a strong conscious patriotic youth that can play leadership roles in their communities

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