MYTH 2014, Issue #4

Eritrea GDP Growth, MYTH 2014

#Independence [is] more than a stroke of a pen upon a document, wave of a flag [or the singing] of a state song

By MYTH 2014

Challenging African Dogma: Eritrea’s Path to Economic Independence

Though a large number of African states achieved political independence decades ago, many are sill mired in economic dependency and shackled by the oppressive chains of neocolonialism. Even with an abundance of precious natural resources, the African continent has remained poor and continues to suffer from the many blights of underdevelopment. Across the continent, resources, which could promote development, have instead fueled conflict and bred vast inequalities, while foreign exploitation has sustained debilitating poverty. In stark contrast however, Eritrea has maintained control of its considerable resource endowments, firmly grasped the reins to its national economic development, and is navigating a pragmatic path towards true national emancipation and tangible improvement in the lives of its people.

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