A New Colonialism for Africa? Watch “The New Scramble for Africa”

New Scramble for Africa ECADForum

The race for #African resources is repeating itself by similar pursuits in a way that the local people do not benefit

By ECADForum

A New Colonialism for Africa? African Natural Resource Grabs Destroy Lives and Futures of Africans. Lack of African progress cannot only be blamed on the dictatorships, but also on those who shore up their power. Some of the most democratic countries in our world should not settle for shortsighted goals—advancing their own interests.

Africa need investment and welcome foreigners investment but what I stand against is the daylight robbery of the African people. The foreigners could never have done the exploitation of African people alone without partnerships. Corrupt and powerful African leaders have opened the door to outsiders who are willing to partner in the exploitation of the people and to turn a blind eye to the casualties on the ground. They deny the human rights abuses. They deny the displacement. They deny the violation of the land rights of the people. This new colonisation may have a different look today, but the groundwork for it began centuries ago.

When the African nations finally attained their freedom, the colonial power was transferred to the favored elite who carried on with the policies and practices of the Europeans. This meant the new rulers continued favoring their own tribal groups over any others and to maintain power and control, they utilized the colonialists divide and conquer tactics. In these privileged roles, leaders felt entitled to help themselves to the wealth of their people. These tactics continue to be used today. Africa has never recovered; however, the blame is not only on Africans, but it also should rest on those outsiders who participated in the exploitation of Africa. Even today outsiders have a huge influence on what happens in Africa; including sometimes playing a game of who should be the leader without really considering what the people want. Too often this is more about advancing their own national interests rather than about enhancing the well being of Africans.

Now the race for African resources is repeating itself by way of these land grabs, as well as by similar pursuits of other African natural resources in a way that the local people do not benefit. Most Africans want investment and trade opportunities, but what is going on today would not be tolerated in most places with a developed regulatory system. In some places it is the most vulnerable who are exploited, but in a country like Ethiopia, the majority of the people are below the poverty level with little chance of change as a few monopolize all opportunity.

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