7th NUEW Congress Concludes Electing New Chairperson of the Union and Central Council Members

National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW)

The resolutions adopted by the Congress include strengthening the participation of #NUEW members in national affairs

By Shabait

The 7th Congress of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) that was held from 15 to 17 September concluded yesterday electing new Chairperson for the Union and Central Council members, as well as adopting resolutions.

Reports also indicated that Ms. Tekh’a Tesfamichael has been elected Chairperson of the NUEW by the 55-member Central Council.

Speaking at the closing session at Expo grounds that was attended by Ministers, Army Commanders, regional Administrators, Senior PFDJ heads and national associations, Ms. Azeb Birhane, Chairperson of the Congress preparatory committee, said that a total of 426 representatives from inside the country and abroad took part in the deliberations. She further explained that a constitutional draft for the NUEW has been adopted.

The resolutions adopted by the Congress include the strengthening the participation of NUEW members in national affairs, reinforcing members’ activities in the effective implementation of the Land Proclamation, stepping up endeavors to promote female nationals in both expertise and economy, besides ensuring benefit in terms of educational and health opportunities. Moreover, the Congress underlined the need to enhance efforts as regards organizing the youth.

Souvenirs by the NUEW and representatives of African women’s organizations who participated at the International Symposium in the course of the Congress were extended during the closing session to the outgoing NUEW Chairperson and the newly elected Union’s Chairperson.

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