Lampedusa – If I Were You Laying on the Sand, Looking Up Into the Skies

Dove Releaseshores of #Lampedusa bear the footprints of those who survive the #PerilousJourney*s & its waters bear in each wave

By Sophia Tesfamariam

Life is precious, irreplaceable, and should not be gambled or sacrificed unless it is for a higher cause. The needless deaths of those who cross dangerous seas in search of greener pastures, lured by the promise of a better life, a visa to paradise etc. only to find themselves at the mercy of ruthless traffickers, smugglers and mother nature, is not supposed to be politicized, rather, it should call on the conscience of the world, and implore it to end the needless suffering, the senseless deaths.

Eritrea’s youth have also been victimized by human traffickers, smugglers and worse of all, by political agendas that seek to undermine the young nation’s development. Today, regretting their youthful decisions, many have returned to the safety and security of their own country, but there are many more languishing in UNHCR camps in neighboring Ethiopia, in detention centers in the West. Those who make it to the Italian shores,  are today found on the streets and parks of Italian cities living on handouts. The crimes committed against these youth is deliberate-and those who participated in facilitating youth flight from Eritrea are as guilty as the criminal traffickers and smugglers.

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