ICP Questions UN on Sanctions, UNCA & Reuters Trolling Resumes, Censorship Alliance

Pamela Falk - President, UNCA

Under @PamelaFalk, #UNCA [@UNCANews] never even tried to reform to try not to get #Journalists thrown out of the #UN

By Matthew Russell Lee

Here is how the UN works, or doesn’t: after Inner City Press reported that a UN sanctions monitor used his position to lobby for regime change, and that the UN bureau of Reuters “reported” on the monitor’s allegation without mentioning his resignation, the trolling campaign of Reuters and the UN Correspondents Association began again.

After Reuters UN bureau chief Louis Charbonneau tried to get Inner City Press thrown out of the UN, then censored the leaked evidence of his attempt by a bogus filing under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act getting Google to block the document from it Search, here, the push through UNCA went even more anonymous.

The head of UNCA, Pamela Falk, was informed (on the record audio here and here), but did nothing.

Now it emerges that Falk has been telling new media at the UN that if they pay $90, she will write a letter to the UN Secretariat and get them office space in the UN. Is this appropriate?

Under Falk, UNCA never even tried to adopt a reform that it would not, as Charbonneau and Voice of America’s Margaret Besheer did, try to get other journalists thrown out of the UN. Now under her UNCA purports to sell space in the UN.

Back on August 27, after Inner City Press in the days before had questioned Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s dubious approach to Sri Lanka and Libya, and UN Peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsousstonewalling on Darfur and elsewhere, UNCA decided to fight back.

A troll social media account linked to the UN Correspondents Association, about which the Free UN Coalition for Access had notified not only UNCA and its head Pamela Falk but also Reuters, whose UN bureau chief tried to get the investigative Press thrown out of the UN then lobbied Google (here) to block his leaked “for the record” complaint from Google’s search, revived on July 27, went on the offensive against Inner City Press again — anonymously, of course.

The UN itself was notified of this account, since it continues to partner with UNCA as its UN Censorship Alliance, setting aside first questions and giving it a large, usually unused room even as the UN evicted the News Agency of Nigeria from its workspace at the UN citing lack of space.

This same troll social media account has promoted the current UN spokesman, to whom the Reuters bureau chief’s complaint to get Inner City Press thrown out of the UN was directed.

Now that same spokesman defends Ban Ki-moon, for example adopting Ladsous’ censorship on September 3, not taking Press questions on Ladsous’ DPKO ordering peacekeepers to surrender to the Al Nusra Front.

His office has in the past censored from the UN’s transcripts even the name of the Free UN Coalition for Access, which Inner City Press co-founded after members of UNCA’s Executive Committee including for example Voice of America (Freedom of Information Act obtained document here), Agence France Presse (document here), Bloomberg and Reuters, sought to get it thrown out.

What’s telling about these revivals of UNCA’s trolls social media campaign is it is tied to when the UN is under attack. That’s why they call it the UN’s Censorship Alliance.

Now the big room the UN gives them, entirely closed from August 1 to August 19, while its glassed in bulletin board had and has an advertisement by one of its UNCA members to buy a used car for over $7,000, is set to be used for trickery, with with purported press freedom organization partnering with censors to purportedly talk about… press freedom. We’ll have more on this.

And what of the UN’s previous argument against FUNCA’s substantive fliers, that they had to be approved by the UN? Are UNCA’s used car sales approved by Ban Ki-moon? Are its anonymous trolling social media accounts? Watch this site.

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