Resignation of Dinesh Mahtani-Another Irreparable Blow to the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group’s Credibility & Integrity

UNJust Poster#RuleOfLaw is almost nonexistent at the #UN as it is at the mercy of #ThePowersThatBe [#UNSC #US #Eritrea #Ethiopia]

By Sophia Tesfamariam

H.E. Osman Saleh, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Eritrea, in his Statement at the 69th Session if the UN General Assembly said that, while the world had changed, the United Nations had remained “stuck in the past”. Restoring the relevance and credibility of the United Nations to meet the challenges of the 21th Century called fundamental restructuring the Organization. Eritrea’s perspective was informed by its history…

At the end of the colonization era, when all African nations were granted independence, Eritrea, then an Italian colony, was not. Instead, it was put under British Administration for 10 years, and then federated with Ethiopia. The Eritrean people had been denied the right to decolonization because of United States’ interests in the East Africa and Red Sea region. UN Resolution 390 was proposed by the US, whose hegemony over the UN at that time was almost total. It was the product of a mutuality of interest between the American and Ethiopian governments, not the expression of the interests and aspirations of the Eritrean people. John Foster Dulles, US Secretary of State, made US position clear when he stated the following:

“…From the point of view of justice, the opinion of the Eritrean people must receive consideration. Nevertheless, the strategic interest of the US in the Red Sea Basin and world peace make it necessary that the country by linked with our ally Ethiopia…”

On 11 September 1952, the Ethio-American conspiracy against the Eritrean people, resulted in the Federal Act and Ethiopia annexed Eritrea. The United Nations ignored the plight of the Eritrean people. Resolution 390A(v), was a violation of basic human rights of their rights under the UN Charter.

The Eritrean people were forced to embark on a 30-year armed struggle when their calls for justice landed on deaf ears… Click Here to Read the Whole Post

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