Eritrea: EU’s Understanding of the Horn from its Secret Documents

Council of Europe

If friendly #Somali gov is not an option #Ethiopia might feel interests better served by fragmented unstable #Somalia

By Sam B.

The following is an excerpt from a 2009 Council of European Union Secret Document just declassified today, 16 October 2014. It is from the General Secretariat of the Council/Commission and addressed to the Political and Security Committee. The title of the document is “Joint GSC/Commission Options Paper on Somalia and its neighbouring region”.

The document provides EU’s understanding of the situation in Somalia and the region on February 2009, and the possible options available to EU at that time. The excerpt is focused on Eritrea and the region. The inescapable question that follows after reading the document is: if this was EU’s understanding of the situation why did its member states opt for sanctioning Eritrea in 2009?

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