Are the TPLF Rulers of Ethiopia Friends Or Enemies Of Eritrea And Its People?

Rubber Stamp, Ethiopia EPRDF TPLF

#TPLF-led govt of #Ethiopia has engaged under various pretexts in acts which endangers [#Eritrea #NationalSecurity]

By Dr. Tsegezab Gebregergis

1. Introductory Note to Readers

I presented this paper in its draft form with the above title in July in 2010 for discussion at the paltalk room, ‘Eritreans for Democracy,’ and or as some inappropriately called it, “Geza- Enda-Joker”. The discussion was chaired by a very brilliant and patriotic young Eritrean using the penname Meftih (KEY). As I expected, my presentation provoked an intense discussion, as well as an all out hostility by some regionalist, secessionist and defeatist Eritreans working for and advancing the strategic interest of the TPLF government of Ethiopia under various camouflages. As is the case, it is an unmitigated and verifiable fact that the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia are the sworn enemies of the Eritrean government and vice-versa. Consequently, the question I am posing in this paper is: Are the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia also the enemies of Eritrea and its people?

I have posed the above question with the express purpose of showing and proving to all Eritrean activists and others interested in Eritrean affairs that the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia are indeed the most vicious and unrelenting enemies of Eritrea and its people. I have done so because I want to point out and show that any movement which struggles for democratic change in Eritrea today, without first distinguishing clearly the nature of internal and external enemies of the Eritrean people, and a secular, democratic and enlightened leadership, cannot be expected to lead the people to victory. In other words, as the Eritrean experience of the last two decades has taught us, any political group which fails to formulate its strategic road map on the basis of a clear identification of its internal enemies, and other external forces with expansionist projects in our region, will remain frozen in the past and groping in the darkness, just like a sailor who has lost a compass in the middle of the ocean remains stranded, i.e. unable either to advance or retreat. It is thus high time Eritrean nationalists to understand clearly that throughout history only those groups which have organised themselves and struggled from within their own country and created secure strategic base areas and are led by progressive secular democrats that are free from parochialism and readily prepared to die and imprisoned that have succeeded to defeat their enemy and bring the desired societal change in their respective countries.

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