14 Ministers Withdrew Support and Called the Somali Prime Minister to Resign…

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mahamoud

if the [#Somali] #PrimeMinister refuses to resign the ministers are planning to announce #MassResignations [#Somalia]

At least 14 Ministers called on the Somali Prime Minister to resign, amid the political crisis in the country is at peak which hit the nerves of the donors, some of which threatening financial cuts, in attempt to seek solution to save the nation from the deepening crisis.

Continued disruptions by the parliamentary sessions by the supporters of the Somali prime minister, Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed, to block the motion against the prime minister also raised the eyebrows of the Somali people cautious the country heading into another cycle of violence.

A letter wrote to the prime minister on Sunday and signed by 14 Ministers requested the prime minister to resign within 24hrs.

“The smooth running of the government business has been the hardest hit of the crisis, resulting a halt of the public service the government was doing its people.” The letter added.

Last December, Somali President appointed the prime minister with the hopes of accomplishing the government’s vision 2016 and preparing the nation for democratic elections to take place, but that dream has not come true, after the Somali PM proven to be “Uncooperative” according to a press statement from the office of the Somali president

“The international community now has agreed the prime minister to leave office.” An official from the United Nations Assistance Mission to Somalia who spoke under condition of anonymity, because he was not authorized to speak publicly told Dalsan Radio.

Delegations from the troop contributing countries and donor countries arrived in Mogadishu on Sunday and met with the key Somali officials, although it was not clear exactly what they have discussed with the Somali government.

However, Independent sources confirm that even if the prime minister refuses to resign, there are plans that the ministers are planning to announce mass resignations for their attempts to seek a final solution to the current political crisis, which will be a death blow to the prime minister, Abdiweli Sheik Ahmed.

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