Hidri-Dallas: Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister Program

Hidri Dallas Chapter (YPFDJ) Big Brother Big Sister

#Hidri members took one test a week focusing on critical reading, math and writing [#YPFDJ #BigBrother #BigSister]

By Hidri-Dallas

Hidri Dallas alongside YPFDJ-Dallas is proud to announce the successful completion of the first round of Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister program. In the Month of October and part of November, Hidri Dallas members worked diligently with Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister mentors and completed both scholastic aptitude test preparation and career education workshops. Although we faced hardships such as booking venues to house our SAT workshops using different venues every week, Hidri organizers and officers worked together to book locations as far in advance as possible to solve this issue and we are happy to say that our program was a success.

In order to simulate test-taking conditions for participants much like the actual exam, SAT/ACT workshops were held each Saturday from 9:00AM – 2:00PM. The SAT is a critical component of the college application procedure which is why much time was invested in ensuring our Hidri members were provided with the right tools to perform well because without a strong score on the SAT, the academic and professional ambitions of an applicant will meet failure.

Each Saturday dedicated Hidri Dallas members woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare for a long day of SAT classes. One might be surprised, but there was a lot of excitement in the room. Students were eager to become more knowledgeable about college admissions, especially the standardized testing aspect. Hidri members took one test a week focusing on critical reading, math and writing. By the end of the four week session, students showed considerable improvement and were ready for the national exam.

Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister Program was concluded this past weekend with the successful completion of Professional Development Workshop. The workshops were broken out into three different sessions as follows;

  • College Prep Workshop: This workshop was geared towards providing our Hidri members with a detailed outlook on how to prepare for college, how to apply for college, how to choose the right college and how to pay for college.
  • Financial Planning Workshop: This workshop provided our Hidri parents some tips on how to save up for their kids’ education, plan for retirement and investment techniques.
  • Career Workshop: This workshop was aimed at exposing our Hidri members what it takes to land that perfect job. From writing resume, cover letter to the way you interview and how you dress.

A Professional panel was also conducted in which professional Eritreans were invited to share their journey to success. The panel featured professionals in medicine, criminal justice, engineering, financing and dentistry. Each presentation inspired Hidri Dallas members to learn, teach and most of all, give back to Eritrea. Hidri Dallas alongside YPFDJ-Dallas would like to give a big thank you to all BBBS mentors and parents for making our program possible. We value your continuous support.

[For updates on Hidri-Dallas Programs please be sure to visit the Hidri-Dallas website.]

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