America’s Political Shenanigans in Eritrea

Targeting Nevsun, Eritrea Sanctions

[#US] claiming to be guardian angels for Eritreans, accuse the #MiningCompanies of using #SlaveLabor [#HumanRights]

By Daniel Berhane

As one of the greatest cities in the world, London is renowned for many things, and has been crowned “the most influential city in the world” and “the ‘best city in the world” among other things. Similarly, London, as global media power and a great center for influential think tanks and research institutes, it comes on top in hosting events addressing Eritrea’s political, diplomatic, and economic issues in the last decade.

From the several reports and papers produced by Chatham House, the world-leading international affairs think tank – including a report predicting the collapse of the Eritrean economy in a matter of months – to the recent intensive several events concerning human rights and migration that were held in some London Universities. These great institutions have become a platform for presenting biased reports; and spinning a politically motivated garbage as a scientific production that are then presented at the United Nations, including in human right hearings and used to justify sanctions, and to tarnish the image of Eritrea in the wider media.

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