Names of Organized Smugglers, Operation Glauco 2

Human Trafficking, African SmugglersOperation #Glauco2, led to detention of 24 people.. #Ethiopia #Eritrea #Smugglers #HumanTrafficking #Lampedusa

By Agrigento Notizie (Translated from Italian)

The investigations led to the identification of a transnational conspiracy, operating between Central Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan), the Maghreb countries (especially Libya), Italy (Lampedusa, Agrigento, Palermo, Catania, Rome , Milan) and Northern Europe (Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany). The aim was to encourage illegal immigration in the Italian territory and in Europe, even committing crimes against the person, such as – for example – demonstrated by the inhumane treatment which they were subjected migrants before and during the journey.

The operation “Glauco 2”, which tonight has led to the detention of 24 people on the disposal of the DDA in Palermo, is the result of the investigation that in July last year led to the dismantling of an organization dedicated to the planning of the landings.

The surveys, conducted by Sco State Police and the Mobile teams of Agrigento and Palermo, have shown that the organization was aiming on three key moments: “engagement” of the customer, via a telephone or visually; expulsion from the host structure (and, in this sense, the investigation focused on the center “Villa Sikania” Siculiana and Mineo CARA) aimed to exclude migrants from the identification by the Italian authorities, sometimes for through organized leaks from the Centre or the exchange of badges and documents; and, finally, the hospitality, if necessary, in homes available to the organization.

Investigators have focused on the magnifying glass Asghedom Ghermay, 40, said “Amice”, born in Eritrea but domiciled in Catania. The role of the 40-year old organization has emerged thanks to the activity carried by the man in the territory of Agrigento. The same, in fact, had among his cronies Matywos Melles, 48, was born in Asmara (Eritrea), but resident in a house in the historic center of Agrigento, currently detained, arrested last July as part of Glauco one.

The circumstantial evidence borne by the Melles made it possible to discover the role of the 48 year old, went from being a simple conveyor of illegal immigrants, fleeing the Emergency Shelters or about to leave, an essential element of criminal association: it was he, in fact, which provided, along with Asghedom Ghermay, to place his other loyal collaborators in various places in Sicily.

The Melles, considered an element of the cell Agrigento, was concerned, among other things, to “pick” migrants from across the province of Agrigento to take them to the places where they would be left for the sought-after destinations, according to the instructions given, including others, just by Ghermay.

Basically, Ghermay, personally or through his associates, such as Melles, “collected” migrants arrived in the province of Agrigento (Agrigento, Favara, Siculiana or Porto Empedocle) and moves them toward Catania, better connected and where it is most easy to organize trips to the North.

The police of Mobile Agrigento, directed by John Minardi and Vincenzo Di Piazza, listened for several months of the mobile Ghermay and Melles. It was the June 1 of 2014 when the two, talking on the phone, were planning the engagement of some migrants.

During the phone call, “says the Asghedom Ghermay Melles not remember the name of the place where they arrived migrants. The man says Porto Empedocle. Asghedom says Elias does not know the area and they are outside the city of Agrigento. L ‘Man is located in Agrigento replied that if they need to enter them in Agrigento can accompany him. Asghedom asks the man why still did not go to Porto Empedocle. The man insists that still have not landed immigrants. Asghedom then asks if there is any migrant Siculiana seen that there are all the taxi drivers in Catania that you are bringing in Siculiana to work. The man says no, and reiterates that still have to go to Siculiana, still shows the way to get to Asghedom towards Trapani 20 km, but Asghedom says that does not go to Siculiana but awaits them in Porto Empedocle “.

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