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To build a value based strong, conscious and patriotic youth movement that serves the interest of Eritrea globally.

To cherish and develop Eritrean identity and culture through public service and learning process that increases the social, political, economic and historical awareness of the Eritrean youth

YPFDJ’s Goal:
The acronym IDEASS (Identity, Awareness, Service and Success) best describes what YPFDJ strives to achieve in the Diaspora. These goals are guided by the six visions that are outlined in the national charter and will require a continuous generational and persistent effort to attain them.

  • To nurture and develop Eritrea’s national Identity
  • Increase societies Awareness and consciousness level about Eritrea
  • To serve Eritrea and local communities
  • Support the youth to succeed in their personal goals

Six national visions
For a quick reference the six guiding visions are outlined below the entire charter is available separately.

  1. National Harmony: For the people of Eritrea to live in harmony, peace and stability, with no distinction along regional, ethnic, linguistic, religious, gender or class lines.
  2. Political Democracy: For the people of Eritrea, to be active participants and become decision-makers in the administration and conduct of their lives and of their country, with their rights guaranteed by law and in practice.
  3. Economic and Social Development: For the state of Eritrea, to progress socially and economically in the areas of education, technology and the standard of living.
  4. Social Justice (Economic and Social Democracy): Equitable distribution of wealth, services and opportunities, and special attention to be paid to the most disadvantaged sections of society.
  5. Cultural Revival. Drawing on our rich cultural heritage and on the progressive values we developed during the liberation struggle, to develop an Eritrean culture characterized by love of country, respect for humanity, solidarity between men and women, love of truth and justice, respect for law, hard work, self-confidence, self-reliance, open mindedness and inventiveness.
  6. Regional and International Cooperation. For Eritrea, to become a respected member of the international community, by coexisting in harmony and cooperation with its neighbors; and by contributing, to the extent of its capability, to regional and global peace, security and development.

The Objectives of YPFDJ:
The organizations attempts to achieve each goal through the following specific measurable and attainable outcomes, thus YPFDJ’s objectives are to:

  • Guarantee the sustainability and the thriving of Eritrea’s national identity and culture by organizing applicable events and learning forums that intends to teach the values, cultures, tradition and history of the Eritrean people to both Eritreans and non Eritrean members of society.
  • Enhance the consciousness level of members, the Eritrean community and the American public through discussions and critical examination of various historical, social, political and economic theories and facts and how they apply to current affairs.
  • Motivate the youth to have a positive impact within their communities through service and teaching a sense of responsibility for the success of the communities they live in.
  • Participate in the effort of Eritrea’s viability at home through collaborative work with key stakeholders and implementing organizational projects.
  • Serve as a resource to the Eritrean community by providing social services to members of the community in areas such as legal, health, immigration, job, counseling, education and other relevant social issues through organizing leadership and skills workshops and empowerment seminars.
  • Support members and fellow Eritreans to exceed in areas of education, career goals and family endeavors as well as success in their positions within the organization through training and educational workshops.
  • Increase membership through effective recruitment; motivating and engaging approaches.
  • Extend stakeholders knowledge about YPFDJ, strengthen relationship and establish a strong network using various promotional strategies.
  • Execute fundraising activities to meet all financial needs and requirements of the chapters’ programs.

Updated on 2012-10-26

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