YPFDJ Eritrean Calendar

By YPFDJ-NY. This information was written and prepared by YPFDJ-NY.

YPFDJ Calendar Example

Calendar Info

Eritrea uses the Gregorian calendar.

Below is a list of the weeks and months in Tigrinya along with one example of an Eritrean Calendar month.


English Tigrinya Transliteration
Sunday ሰንበት Senbet
Monday ሶኑይ Son’ee
Tuesday ሶሉስ Solus
Wednesday ሮቡዕ Robuh
Thursday ሓሙስ Hhamus
Friday ዓርቢ Arbee
Saturday ቀዳም Qedam


English Tigrinya Transliteration
January ጥሪ Tiri
February የካቲት Jekatit
March መጋቢት Megabit
April ምያዝያ Mee’yaz’ya
May ግንቦት Ginbot
June ሰነ Sene
July ሓምለ Hhamale
August ነሓሰ Nehase
September መስከረም Meskerem
October ጥቅምቲ Tiqimti
November ሕዳር Hidar
December ታሕሳስ Tahsas

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