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Eritrea and Ethiopia: Recap and Brief Commentary on Recent Developments

Eritrea and Ethiopia Sign Peace Deal

..#Peace & #Stability can help promote a number of high-potential sectors for #Eritrea & #Ethiopia.. both sides will need to focus on economic sectors of complimentarity to augment the dividends to both countries in a fair & sustainable manner.
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Eri-Youth Festival: An Event of National Youth Celebration

2018 Sawa, Eri-Youth Festival

The Eri-youth festival aims to propagate the spirit of nationalism, brotherhood, creativity and adventure amongst the youth by exhibiting their innovations, cultural show cases and other activities in a common platform.
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Eritrea Statement, 38th Session of the Human Rights Council

Eritrea, UN Council

Eritrea, UN Council. For Copyright info, refer to

The destructive intentions harbored under the rubric of “human rights violations” are also exposed. In this vein, my delegation once again reminds the Council of its obligation to adhere to the UN principles of objectivity, non-selectivity and impartiality. Continue reading

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President Isaias’ Speech on Martyrs Day

Ministry of Information, Eritrea -

As it is the case with #Eritrea, the people of #Ethiopia also relish peace & harmony with their neighbor. There is nothing novel in this fact. The positive signals issued in these past days can be seen as an expression of this popular choice. Continue reading

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President Isaias Afwerki Press Conference in 1999

Archives File – President Isaias Afwerki Press Conference in 1999
Eritrea’s visionary leadership vindicated… Trust is built with consistency


By Eritrea EmbassyMedia

Eritrea’s position on the Eritrea Ethiopia border issue and its resolution was clear from the very beginning. Eritrea’s request for final and binding arbitration was included in the Algeria Agreements. Eritrea accepted the final and binding delimitation decision when it was delivered in 2002 and the demarcation decision in 2007.

The EEBC, in its Sixteenth Report indicated that Ethiopia repeatedly refused to enter into dialogue with Eritrea “in the manner laid down in the Demarcation Directions and in accordance with the timeline set by the Commission. It [Ethiopia that is] now insists on prior “dialogue” but has rejected the opportunity for such “dialogue”. Ethiopia has tried many times to have the EEBC decisions amended and revised. Both parties are obligated under the Algiers Agreements to accept the EEBC’s decisions as final and binding.

The international community has refused to take punitive actions against Ethiopia for the last 16 yrs as it occupied sovereign Eritrean territories, including Badme. It should be recalled that the African Union, European Union, United States and United Nations all guarantees and witnessed the Algiers Agreements signed in 2000. The Eritrea Ethiopia border issue has been legally resolved and the border has been delimited and demarcated. The issue today is the Ethiopian occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories. The UN must restore Eritrea’s sovereignty.

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New or Recycled?

Algiers Agreement Presidents of Eritrea and Ethiopia

I hope this time #Ethiopia means what it is saying… the peaceful people of #Eritrea and Ethiopia finally get a respite from wars and conflicts. The failure to Finalize the #AlgiersAgreement has been a stumbling block for regional cooperation. And the blame rests squarely on Ethiopia. Continue reading

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The Land We Fought For

Satellite view of Eritrea

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It was never easy for #Eritrea and its people to rightly hoist their own flag and call their land Eritrea… they stayed true to themselves and broke out of the shackles of injustice to prove to the world that this land was theirs. Continue reading

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Eritrea’s Independence: Beacon of Self-reliance and Resilience

Eritrean Independence in Asmara

“If war with Eritrea was difficult yesterday, it is impossible today.” The resilience, tenacity, perseverance and sacrifice of Eritreans will continue to shield our independence and to disgrace the forces of arrogance. Continue reading

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Enlighten, Organize and Arm the Youth

Credit T Medin

To make history in building and defending Eritrea the youth have to develop historical, political, economic & security consciousness. Continue reading

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A Look Back on Eritrea’s Historic 1993 Referendum

Eritrean Independence Referendum (TesfaNews)

Two years after winning a de facto independence and effectively end of the armed struggle for independence, the Eritrean people held a historic, internationally supervised referendum on April 23-25, 1993 to determine its political future. Today, we are commemorating its 25th Anniversary. For Copyright, refer to

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