Non-Conformist Eritrea

By Ruby Sandhu

Since time immemorial, there have been non conformists and disruptors – they have made us look at the world through a new lens and progressed our evolution as a species. Captured as the David and Goliath myth. Today’s Goliath is a system where we continue to perpetuate policies which neither respect the planet, its ecosystem or its inhabitants. And a world where the disparity as between the “have” and the “have nots” is widening and where to pacify the masses we have senseless media, consumption and consumerism – entirely detrimental – as it is unsustainable to ours and the planet’s well being. In summary we have “intelligence” and “cleverness” but we remain at times as a species bereft of wisdom and within a debilitating context.

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Securing Availability of Water for Good

Kerkebet Dam - Eritrea, Africa

Credit Reference: – Eritrea: 150 million cubic meter dam is completed

[#Eritrea] In #Africa, 99% of the time building up large and mega water dams means giving the job and the human resources to non-African enterprises… the foreigner will be the master of the project. Continue reading

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The 14th YPFDJ conference in Europe Underway [Video]


By Shabait

The 14th YPFDJ Conference in Europe opened on 29 March in Stockholm, Sweden, under the theme “My Share to National Intellectual and Economic Resources”. Continue reading

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The Demise of the Nadew Comand

The Demise of Nadew Command

In [The Battle of #Afabet], #Ethiopia lost whole divisions of its best trained and armed troops.. it left behind a weapons stockpile.. to carry out what it believed was to have been ‘a decisive offensive’ against the #EPLF/#Eritrea. Continue reading

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Ministry of Information, Eritrea – PRESS RELEASE

Ministry of Information, Eritrea - Shabait.comPress Release

As it will be recalled,the fabricated news of “the deployment of Egyptian troops in Sawa”, and the subsequent closure of the border by Sudan that “this event ostensibly triggered” was recycled and amplified with high drama recently.
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February in the History of Eritrea

Guerilla Fighters, EPLF (Eritrean People's Liberation Front)
“History tells us that in the past, Eritreans of all backgrounds died for their identity and territorial integrity”

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Education for Social Justice and Social Cohesion

Failure to provide #MotherTongue teaching is a form of #Discrimination that can perpetuate #Inequality. Beyond the issue of #SocialRights, to be educated by one’s mother tongue is pedagogically effective for the learner. Continue reading

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Role of Eritrean Mass Media in Nation Building

Start of Radio, Dimtsi Hafash Eritrea

Our mass media should challenge the notion of domination and provide an alternative narrative of truth and must be a national platform that represents the cultural diversity of #Eritrea. Continue reading

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YPFDJ Europe Presents Biddho Tour 2017, Stockholm

Biddho Tour is coming to Europe for the 10th time in a row!
10 years of promoting Eritrean culture and diversity amongst youth!
10 years of serving a platform for youth to interact with Eritreans!
10 years of vibrant and electrifying nights with the beats of Eritrean music!
Biddho Tour, now in its 10 year anniversary, will be held in metropolis cities across Europe.
Come by, dance and have fun!

YPFDJ Euro Biddho Tour 10 (2017)


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Unwarranted Sanctions on Eritrea must be rescinded

UN Unjust Sanctions on Eritrea

It is almost 8 years since sanctions [on #Eritrea].. Virtually all member states acknowledge accusations are hollow Continue reading

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