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Heroes of Eritrea

In Remembrance of Eritrea's Martyrs

The law of sacrifice says that you cannot get something you want without giving up something in return. Eritrea’s martyrs believed Eritrea’s independence was of a higher value than life itself – their own lives. Facing death, their last words were always, “Awet N’Hafash” – Victory to the People. That’s why nothing in Eritrea can be taken for granted.

#Eritrea*n #Martyrs fought while facing extreme deprivation.. overcame hunger, thirst.. Sometimes wear[ing] rags Continue reading

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North eastern Sahel Front: From birth to demise Part I

North eastern Sahel 01

[#Eritrea] With no one to count on from outside for help to the #EPLF, the #Military balance was far from symmetrical Continue reading

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