YPFDJ Compilation, Eritrea*n Martyrs’ Day, 2013

#YPFDJ Compilation, Eritrea*n Martyrs’ Day, 2013 [Updated July 23, 2013]

Below is a compilation of Major North American cities observing Eritrean Martyrs’ Day on June 20, 2013. Updates will be made so check back regularly!

Martyrs’ Day by YPFDJ-NA, New York
Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA New York 2

Martyrs’ Day by YPFDJ-NA, Seattle
Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA, Seattle

Martyrs’ Day by YPFDJ-NA, Philadelphia
Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA, Philadelphia

Martyrs’ Day by YPFDJ-NA, Toronto
Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA, Toronto

All Martyrs’ Day Posts (including YouTube videos) from Dallas, Minnesota and San Jose
Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA, Dallas

Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA, Dallas (2)

Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA, Minnesota

Martyrs' Day by YPFDJ-NA, San Jose

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